The characteristics of the high quality silicone rubber products - The importance of the theory of raw materials and auxiliary materials

by:Cupidove     2020-08-14

in the mixed silicone rubber products production process, without silicone rubber material and auxiliary material and curing agent as well as the synthesis of silica white carbon black, and this kind of silicone products and auxiliary material is indispensable in the silicone rubber molding process auxiliary supplies, one of the more important belong to two kinds of curing agent and release agent, is the effect of different curing and the demoulding effect, both different silica gel products processing manufacturer of demoulding way in and fixed method is different, so choose a different mold release and catalytic agent has different standards, so products and auxiliary materials or corresponding use.

silicone vulcanizing agent:

vulcanizing agent hereinafter referred to as catalyst, mainly cooperate with silica gel in the silicone products, improve the high temperature catalytic effect, and heat resistance, heat production, reduce the resistance to aging, improve the adhesion strength of the silicone and silicon chain, it can be used for analysing different silicone rubber products, through the silicone manufacturers of mixer is added to glue and fusion at room temperature of liquid glue, normally need only at high temperatures above 160 degrees high temperature curing to silica gel products.

low temperature curing agent

low temperature curing agent with ordinary curing agent is different, it is a kind of high efficiency silicon rubber vulcanization accelerator, as no mold vulcanization silicone rubber, hot air out of silicone rubber vulcanizing agent, products with high degree of crosslinking density, good transparency, taste is light, sulfide color well. Transparent and ordinary two; Also used as rapid curing agent in the production of unsaturated polyester resin. Can be used for low temperature fast curing of the resin anchor rod.

release agent

release agent for silicone rubber products in the cavity for class a class of complex products, especially for silicone products structure is complex, difficult to release of product, its basic material belongs to organic organochlorine silane and organic alkoxy silane, in which it can be divided into methyl ethoxy silane, phenyl chlorosilane and phenyl ethoxy silane and so on the many kinds of organic compounds are belong to the type liquid using supplements, usually spray coating in the mold, and high viscosity material is hard to fall off the material as a benchmark, in the main role of silica gel products industry is sprayed directly on the mould surface after molding, silicone rubber material can rapidly release.

color glue paste

toning, commonly used in the silicone products color, it is applicable to any kinds of silicone products, usually for silicone gifts, silicone kitchenware, silicone cable colorful products, such as silicone masterbatch toner, compared with environmental protection, high temperature resistant, good dispersion performance, high matching accuracy, stable performance, easy to use, no pollution, easy to store.

silicone rubber products surface treatment agent

anti-static oil is silica gel after molding, products by injection process after processing way production of silicone rubber products manufacturer, mainly product achieve anti-static dust-proof effect, and can achieve good effect of huarun feel, the deployment of ink can be divided into different formulations are prepared and color production, it belongs to under normal use avirulent environmental protection, but most of the printing ink can't through the security monitoring report, but there are still many consumer favour of injection process of silica gel products

for auxiliary material silicone products there are so many kinds and different effects, such as silicone wash agent, catalyst, release agent, and silicone adhesive tape, etc. , and comparison of several conventional is above, different products and different mould processing will choose different auxiliary agent.

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