The characteristics of organic silicone products products know - What features you can use

by:Cupidove     2020-08-19

is the basic structural unit of organic silicone products made of silicon, oxygen link, side chain is through the silicon atoms connected to a variety of other organic groups. So in the structure of the organic silicon products contains both & quot; Organic groups & quot; And contain & quot; Inorganic structure & quot; Composition and molecular structure, the special make it combines the characteristics of organic matter and inorganic matter of functions in one. Compared with other polymer materials, the most outstanding performance of the silicone products are the following functions:

and heat-resistant properties

silicone products in silicon, oxygen ( Si-O) Key chain structure, C - C key in the key for 82. 6 kcal/mol, Si - O can key in the key in the organic silicon is 121 kcal/mol, so the organic silicon high thermal stability, high temperature ( Or radiation exposure) Molecular bonds do not broken, do not break down. Not only can be high temperature resistant silicone rubber products, but also good low temperature resistance, can be used in a wide range of temperatures. Chemical properties and physical and mechanical properties, along with the change of temperature are small.


the main chain of the silicone - Si - O -, no double bonds exist, therefore not easy by uv and ozone decomposition. Is better than other high polymer materials and the thermal stability of the irradiation resistance and weather resistance ability. So a lot of silicone parts and silicone electronic accessories in the life of the natural environment can be up to several decades.

electrical insulation

silica gel products have good electrical insulating properties, the dielectric loss, voltage resistance, arc resistance, corona resistance, volume resistivity and surface resistivity of all came out on top in the insulation material, and their electrical performance is affected by temperature and frequency is small. As a result, they are a kind of stable electric insulation material, is widely used in electronics, electrical industry. Organic silicon besides has excellent heat resistance, but also has excellent water repellency, this is using electrical equipment in wet conditions with high reliability.

low surface tension and low surface energy

the main chain of the silicone rubber products is very smooth, the intermolecular force is much weaker than hydrocarbons, therefore, than with low molecular weight hydrocarbons viscosity, surface tension, surface energy is small, film forming ability. This kind of low surface tension and low surface energy is the main reason why it for various applications: hydrophobic, foam, foam stability, adhesion, lubrication, polishing, and other excellent performance.


due to silicone rubber material has these excellent performance, so it has a very wide range of application scope. It not only as an aviation, cutting-edge technology and military technology department of special material to use, but also used in departments of national economy, has been expanding its application range: building, electrical and electronic, textile, automobile, machinery, paper and leather, chemical light industry, metal and paint, medicine, health care, etc.

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