The ceramic pad printing silicone

by:Cupidove     2020-04-25

fengxi ceramic silicon pad printing silicone rubber USES:

pad printing silicone used in plastic toys, PVC toys, craft gifts, electronic products, lighting products, electroplating, plastic toys, electronic toys, trademark, irregular pattern of the printing and use of silica gel. Rubber pad printing head is the design of sheet metal by glue head for the carrier, then the design of sheet metal transfer printing irregular pattern on toy products and so on.

fengxi ceramic silicon pad printing silicone rubber advantages:

1, low viscosity, good fluidity

2 no shrinkage, good oiling, pad printing design clarity

3 colloid is exquisite, back stretch, pad printing more

professional pad printing silicone used in the manufacture of pad printing, pad printing silicone for colloid is exquisite, without impurities, no grain, good stretch back pad printing silicon rubber is made of high quality raw materials, added the United States dupont teflon high temperature resistant materials, high-temperature processing and become, have the advantages of wear-resisting, high temperature resistance, good printing effect.

chaozhou ceramic pad printing silicone operation:

1. 将胶头模具彻底卷舌干细胞净,难保卫生筷上脱模剂,摆放驻平衡的地方。

2。 Pad printing mucilage, silicon oil in proportion in measuring cup stir evenly add curing agent after full mixing evenly

3. Will stir well after silicone slowly pour glue head

4. Cover board, glue in 3 - head After four hours can release

fengxi ceramic silicon pad printing silicone rubber operation:

1, the first mold wash clean with detergent, then dry, the moisture in the mould release agent and coated with one layer.

2, pad printing, plastic, silicon oil, proportion of normal is according to the requirements of the customer, if customer demand patterns of printing area is big, need a soft rubber head, adding silicon oil. Instead, you need to glue the head hardness large, do not add or less add silicon oil, one as the hardness of rubber pad printing head to 15 ~ - a 25 ° a as appropriate, if the silicon oil amount is too large, a soft rubber head, print the number of times is limited, it is a good quality of silicone products will be destroyed by silicon oil its molecular weight, and wear-resisting, solvent resistance and aging.

3, introduce one like the normal proportion is as follows: 30 grams of silicon oil 100 grams of silicon rubber, rubber head hardness 20 °, adapt to the pad printing alloy car tsai and design small, relatively small contact area of the product. Pressure required if the interface is big or soft plastic head, the proportion of silicon rubber and silicon oil can do 100:30100-50, but should pay attention to, the greater the amount of silicon oil, plastic head, the more soft, pad printing, abrasion resistance and solvent resistance will reduce and reduce the number of pad printing products will be reduced accordingly, due to rising costs, raw material waste.

4, curing agent and silicone chemistry addition proportion is as follows: silicon rubber 100 grams, 50 grams of silicon oil, stir, and then mixed with silicon oil and silicone products fully stir well, then the silicon rubber and silicon oil - 2% of the total weight Stir 2-3% add hardener, again 3分钟,可进行抽空。 抽空时间壹般不超过10分钟,抽空时间太久,胶质体很快相变,就会倒胶影响质量。

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