The car with the use of silicone rubber parts and the development tendency

by:Cupidove     2020-09-13

in twenty years ago, no one will think of China's economic development in our country so fast that no one had ever thought of more cars will be full of me now is each family, as early as JiuJi years, our car for some three or four line city, it is very rare, but when we saw a car across all touch is broken, let a little fear for others to vehicles in our country now has nearly can and compared the number of the house, in the last year had more than 2 car ownership in China. 500 million, an average of three family has a car, at such a speed, after I think we have enough of the road?

when it comes to cars, our auto parts in China also in the development of high-speed, now we have a lot of auto parts store was full of every street, everywhere, but for the use of silicone rubber products on cars, our cars with rubber products in the car with what purpose, then said automobile rubber parts besides tire parts a lot, in general it can be used to 200 - a car 300 kinds of rubber accessories, 400 - some trucks and industrial vehicles 600 rubber parts, so the usefulness of silicone rubber parts on the car is very extensive. Due to the rubber parts on the car a lot, not a description of the one, we know a few simple.


automotive rubber hose, no matter what the car has a lot of rubber hose, such as the radiator pipe and air pipe, water pipe, gas pipe and so on, in order to be able to use them in the driving environment vibration and turbulence, so must demand a variety of performance, so it is necessary to use auto rubber parts,


auto seal products, general motors on the sealing products mainly used in some of the liquid seal, seal better equipped with liquid outflow phenomenon, the choice with rubber products of rubber with corrosion resistance to high temperature performance, so the ability to maintain a good seal, in the car to run for a long time, can effectively keep the wear-resisting fatigue phenomenon.


auto suspension rubber products, automotive rubber damping products in terms of damping will play a big role is a very important parts of the car above, when we met pits on the way to drive, we can get much of the rubber spring, it can ensure that we maintain a balance in the uneven road and continue to drive, as well as some key components of damping cushion, above the car we will make some of the key parts cushioning to under pressure. So now the rubber products used in each big industry are indispensable, only constant innovation more rubber auto parts.

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