The candles made mold silicone what are the requirements

by:Cupidove     2020-05-13

what are the candles made mold silicone requirements

wax handicraft is common in our daily life, took the candle, for example, the candles can say now is various, birthday candle, cake candles, size, shape allows, actually these handicraft production is very simple, only need to learn how to use the mould silica gel, silica gel after making mould, will wax melting inverted mold, all kinds of candles will be formed, the candles made mold silicone need soft, easy mold release, the candle won't hurt to the finished product, good toughness and resistance to tear tensile, don't take oil, silicone products better mobility, low viscosity easy to operate. rubber of shrinkage as small as possible. The tensile strength of the silicone products rubber is better. Make silicone mold deformation.

silicone rubber hardness should be suitable for candle products, flexible use.

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