The business will be better after adult shop?

by:Cupidove     2020-03-31
The business will be better after adult shop? Time: 2019 09 - 04 source: author: reading: maybe you have in a good position in a belongs to own adult shop opened, want to ask is your business good enough? At the time of operation of their stores have more pressing problem? Hit after whether want to give up this business opportunity, I thought I already put the money into this time to give up lost manpower not relatives or friends what to thought of me, or have been, heart is entangled with at this time. One, understand the true of our customers is the key. For business users are our food and clothing parents, how to serve our customers is the key to your business. We need to spend most of their time in understanding users, rather than waiting for the user tell you upset them every day about how bad your product, the service is bad, all kinds of bad environment. If there is such a customer, of course, is a good thing, because can directly to you unhappy, is love your customers. You can through their direct feedback, understand where you do not good enough. It is best to regard initiative, first to understand the needs of users. Let your service recognition, has a good reputation. First let's look at what is our target groups. 1, male adult supplies the target population of male external use delay product marketability surged 125% last quarter, in which men accounted for 89. 55%. 20 - 30 years old young, energetic, the products are mainly focused on new products; The crowd is 30 - a mainstream concern - - - - - - 39 men, need help products; The second is 40 - - - - - - - 49 men; Men over the age of 50 is almost no instead, basic have no sexual activity at this age, or to this one age paragraph the person, is still used to the corner store to find & other; The tiger oil & throughout; Or something like that, the probability of the Internet may be low. 2, the female adult supplies the target population of female sex toy attention put on in the last quarter rose 13%, sex ratio, the female sex toy female followers of 41. 71%), male (58. 29%; In a 20 - age distribution - - - - - - 29 years old age the most, more than 30 years of age and under the age of 20, equal proportion, that is to say, play female supplies, is under the age of 30, as the mainstream, but the proportion of men and women are only less than 17%. 3, a target population distribution of the distribution line first is the IT industry, this understandable, after all, the Internet is convenient, the advantage. The second is education and students. Third, the real estate industry. The fourth is the government civil servants, public utilities, practitioners, after all these have more plenty of time and money, advised businesses to the depth of mining consumer groups, to sum up, as long as following the development of the market and audience characteristics of the crowd, the industry's profits or particularly objective. Through the analysis of the target population we can the be fond of of product level, and user experience of product have a good handle, when we have these data after operating stores will get twice the result with half the effort. Second, product positioning and market research and analysis. Many people do not know what is product positioning and market investigation and analysis, when we have enough knowledge of users, about the sales of what product should will have a certain understanding. According to market research to understand the local consumption level at which level, the structure of consumers to make corresponding purchase inventory. Near the shops may not more than one so you want to have a knowledge of competitors, the fittest can ever victorious! For rival products mode of operation, and store location for store decoration, and other dimensions are analyzed. From the management pattern, the modern network developed era, people open stores will also use the Internet is a tool for promoting sales. Because online combining can play a complementary role. If according to the above mentioned to do these preparations, good for a novice to store business is no longer difficult.
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