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by:Cupidove     2020-04-22
rubber products can make many kinds of things, with silica gel as aprons, floor mat, silicone rubber gasket. rubber gasket. Foot job. rubber silicone products rubber screw. Mainly used in some appliances enterprises at home, car companies, audio industry and so on the characteristics of the silicone rubber: heat resistance. Cold tolerance. The weathering resistance. Electric properties. Electrical conductivity. Thermal conductivity. Radioactive. Flame retardancy. Permeability application industry: automobile industry. Tires. Aviation and aerospace. Baking and cooking utensils. Cable accessories. The electronics industry. The engine. Medical equipment and veterinary applications, molding. Art replication. The semiconductor. Manufacture of silicone products polymer molecules by Si - toys O ( Silicon - Oxygen) Key chain structure, its main composition is high molecular weight linear polysiloxane. Because of the Si - O- Si key is the basic key type, main connection methyl silicon atoms, the introduction of very small amounts of unsaturated side chain groups and small molecular inter-atomic forces, molecular spiraling structure, methyl outwards is arranged and can rotate freely, making silicone rubber than other ordinary rubber has better heat resistance, electrical insulation, chemical stability, etc. A typical silicone rubber poly formaldehyde siloxane, namely have a helical molecular configurations, the intermolecular force is small, so have good resilience, at the same time pointing to the outside of the spiral formaldehyde can rotate freely, thus makes the surface of the silicone rubber has a unique performance, such as hydrophobic and surface viscosity.
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