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by:Cupidove     2020-05-04
Silica gel has good biological inertia and biological compatibility, low concentration of small molecular weight composition, and physical properties of ideal, and can be modified in polymer level, thus become the first material of medical equipment and products. The valve or its applications such as medical device sealing strip, medical implants, medical gloves, medical catheters and balloon and artificial organs, dental impression material, biological and hearing AIDS. Mountain in the field of medical products high profit margins, market space is large, so the development of liquid silicone application in the medical field has broad prospects and profound significance. mountain to its unique structure and chemical bonds, resistance to high and low temperature resistance, r water, tracking resistance and electrical erosion resistance, electrical insulation, and many other excellent performance, so is widely used in electric power industry manufacturing composite insulator. And along with the development of the western region, power grid upgrading, high-speed large-scale construction and a series of national projects, brings insulation product demand and create more huge market, so the development of liquid silicone application in electric power industry has broad market prospects. products also has been widely used in automotive industry. Abroad, applied to liquid silica gel in the auto industry account for 35%, liquid silicone usage is one of the biggest application fields, and in the domestic, small proportion of its application in automobile industry, the main mountain in the domestic liquid silicone molding technology is not particularly adult toys. In the automotive industry, liquid silicone seal is mainly used in cars, high transparent LED lamp, large, complex optical element, spark plug connector to protect skin, switch cover, rain sensor, central locking system of diaphragm, etc. Mountain in the silicone products products with a soft touch, elastic, waterproof and resistance to high and low temperature properties, make silicone products widely used in the manufacture of computers and the remote control buttons, mobile phones and digital products sheath, nipple bottles, waterproof eye mask, gloves, silicone toys and silicone living utensils.
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