The application of foamed silicone, how much you know

by:Cupidove     2020-05-12

the application of foamed silicone products, how much do you know?

foaming silica gel is a kind of new environmental protection material, because of his advantage is distinct, refuse a lot of the shortcomings of traditional PU foaming, so quickly occupied the market, at present, the application field is constantly expanding, our price is a little bit higher, but also could not prevent him various advantage, let me talk about the advantages of foamed silicone products and market applications.

the characteristics of foamed silicone products, environmental non-toxic odorless, waterproof not bibulous, good elasticity, good resilience, not deformation, also with flame retardant effect, with the lighter point otherwise, the expansion ratio is adjustable, can be smooth surface, tear tensile resistance. A two-component mixture can be used, the operation process is simple. These performance may not over traditional PU foam sponge, is also in constant research and development, believe that soon will be like a sponge density is small, light quality, can look forward to.

due to the styrofoam have these characteristics, therefore, wide application field. For common, pillow, mattress, permeability is good, than deformation, entity doll filling materials, flame retardant environmental protection, no smell, good elasticity, weight, breast implants, breast filling, soft and breathable, insoles, non-slip except flavour, with many more in the development of applications, can contact me, have a need to know about foaming silicone

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