The age of the adult supplies to shame is far away from us

by:Cupidove     2020-03-25
The age of the adult supplies to shame is far away from us. Time: 2019 11 - 27 source: author: reading: the age of the adult things make people shy is far away from us. 艾媒研究( Ai media consulting) Data show that in 2017 China's appeal electric dealer market size of 188. 700 million yuan, by 2020 China's appeal electric dealer market scale will exceed 60 billion yuan. Can say, adult supplies consumption is just demand, younger under the trend of high growth, rushing forward. And other adult products industry, Frequent hormone secretion & throughout; Adolescence, is closely related to three effective driving force. First, the concept of social progress and the loose policy. Although today's young people are influenced by the western culture, but also more reasonable in under the help of independent thinking, few & other; Talk about the color change & throughout; The trouble. Sex is a famous scholar, li also suggested the Chinese sexual purpose is changing, fertility is no longer the primary purpose, but headed by personal happiness. In China policy, although there is currently no specific policy of adult products, at least not strict regulatory policy, it released a relatively positive signal. Second, access to adult supplies efficiency and are upgrading, such as the emergence of new retail. Electricity appeared later, under the condition of relatively in privacy protection, adult supplies consumption scale is improved. Finally, adult supplies the capital, new brand of constantly emerging industry full of vitality and creativity. Under the blessing of capital, the adult supplies continued to vertical and two direction differentiation evolution. Mature user scale, commodity retail highlyeffective, capital of the normalization of blood transfusion, buying and selling adult supplies this pile was hard to make transactions are free of all kinds of chains, official in the late & other; The golden age & throughout; 。 As the industry break and the release of the consumer demand, the barrier of the women in the gender gradually get rid of the mentality of subsidiary, begin to pay close attention to enjoy high quality life, is becoming more and more willing to pay for their own & other; Demand & throughout; Pay for it. Today, in addition to some auxiliary objects, additives and fancy gimmicks, condom has gradually developed into a HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases (STD), contraception, and to extend the time make love three major substantial effect, along with the social development and the concept of change, adult supplies market demand potential is tremendous.
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