The advantage of silicone strap is

by:Cupidove     2020-09-28

before said this problem, first to explain, genuine leather strap is really good, quality good, wearing also is very comfortable, but the silicone strap as a new product, wide adaptation degree, rolex, Abby. Down to the casio, seiko, many sports style of watches are made with this material as tie-in. So what's the advantage silicone strap, how to be bestowed favor on newly?

a long time ago, the silicone band is applied to low price watch, such as casio G - Shock series, is the durable plain develops acme. Twenty years ago, the silicone watch of wrist of the materials used for the first time to the senior in time, no one on its vitality, because it always give a person a kind of cheap feeling.

but today, the silicone strap has become synonymous with sports and fashion, is not only a casio watch, like elegant, girard-perregaux are used, even Abby have oh!

the use of the excellent performance determines the silicone fashion strap now circles in wrist position, although leather straps and metal strap is still favourite watch, high-grade watch but with silicone table also firmly occupied a place. Even friends have table one thousand party hundreds of replace rolex blackwater ghost metal strap with silicone strap, visible charm.

a lot of advantages silicone strap, but also has many disadvantages.

silicone gifts everyone know the basic, the advantages of durable, collocation, cheap and easy to clean, now we speak of faults. Silicone strap easy ageing, according to the low and high temperature varying degrees break, hardening and softening, the phenomenon such as color change.

silicone rubber material look more low price there is no other material high value content. If there is a fracture can't remedy, can only change one. Time Dai Jiu, also easy to rub off phenomenon.

so, although the leather strap and metal strap is good, but the silicone strap also has its unique advantages, want to give more choice when you choose strap.

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