The actress married also derailed, use transition to find passion nature?

by:Cupidove     2020-03-19
The actress married also derailed, use transition to find passion nature? Time: 2019 08 - 21 source: author: reading: if the businessman is the actress who rushed to get married partner, then cheating is women's leisure entertainment. A stable marriage, from material conditions to meet a can't be little spirit. Cheating comes from to the existing marriage does not meet, in other words is to seek stimulation, also have a large part of the reason was that the couple tired of. Then what are we count the port star is not lonely! Lam is a famous Hong Kong singer and actor, is worth far more than thousands, Sally is not satisfied, and badminton coach mike 13 years younger than himself, and then on the grounds that the life not harmonious, requirements and lam sleeping, two people each have each life. Luo Qiren is a rich man, but is to marry such a man is not satisfied, and actress li sai chicken was revealed and Luo Qiren seme happened not Aaron love, and the husband sex is present, very shocked. Four married and divorce protracted war shocked the entertainment of the time, at the peak sexually age four should also watch the drama actor Huang Lei, but also often send some ambiguous flirtatious text messages, so that the later two people to go their separate ways. Isabella leong into Mr Li's home, thought that wealthy woman dreams finally, but eventually kicked out of giants, and reduced to Mr Li's tool! Have a media blackout, Isabella leong and Richard li tzar-kai relationship was good, by Hong Kong some weekly direct talks with a stylish men in the bar the private heart for 3 hours, Isabella leong dressed in a simple photo, from time to time, talking and laughing is very ambiguous, Isabella leong also during face worried about being recognized by hand. Didn't leave until close at 3 o 'clock. Miriam yeung and husband real ting do luxury wedding broke the speculation of real ting the identity of the site. But soon after her marriage Miriam yeung and eason chan had old love, but also claimed that often has a third party to call harassment. Her move for whatever reason, the hype or ridicule, how many have been suspected of hang not dutiful! Very popular singer famous singer michelle pan married painter husband guang-quan huang, also be alongside a rich husband, but then you cheat was caught guang-quan huang (caught in bed. Guang-quan huang is said to be in place on the spot, caught michelle pan naked in bed with a man, guang-quan huang photographed nude, anger against breach of two families. Since married to Hong Kong businessmen tonie, Irene wan is forcing out the colours of the entertainment circle, but often like a wealthy woman in high places, and occasionally making a few of your favorite advertisements or movie as a pastime. Then Irene wan later in Beijing to attend the event, but was photographed with tender man for a two-day meeting, even together in private apartment building, bandits burned. The erosion life of stars, the surface looks good on is decadent. To regroup, only extravagant life seems to have already can't solve this problem. Material and spiritual needs a marriage needs to be satisfied at the same time, is easy to get out of the moral. Passion and pursuit of material itself is not wrong, but as a thought moral people should keep the bottom line. Marriage of boils down to is seek novelty and passion, but often men and women are apt to be bound by this passion, eventually to fault. If they are addicted to sex, they will need to use this tool sex toys to make improvement. Sex toys can save a marriage, might think that this theory is very absurd, but after you consider will agree. Over time, between a couple will appear weak in sex period, aesthetic fatigue. This time needs to improve, and as a couple and not blatant change casual sexual partners, so we call it derailed secretly appear. Relationship between chaos, did not have the spirit of bondage, that will be there. Sex toys production and use, can very good ease sex couples fatigue, increase the newness, adjust atmosphere, improve the quality of sex life of husband and wife.
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