Teach you simple discern the stand or fall of silica gel silica gel factory analysis

by:Cupidove     2020-05-07

teach you simple discern the stand or fall of silica gel silica gel manufacturer analysis

the following from the two aspects of analysis, clear and simple

1. Liquid form colloid delicate degree

good quality fine colloid without impurities, gelling silicone products with finger constant friction, there are no granular or floater, on the contrary, if the colloid dim with granular impurities, grinding do not pass or raw material in production process impurities exist in the

2. Forming after tearing the way

tear this related to industry performance requirements, but on the whole, the same industry, compared two silicone products molding piece, through tear 'long situation better fracture / / it is not easy to tear after deformation rate is small, and so on and so forth to explain the relatively good

is very simple ah, yes, that's such a simple

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