Talk about solving selling adult supplies psychological shy the line

by:Cupidove     2020-03-21
Talk about solving selling adult supplies psychological shy the line time: 2019 - 08 - 09 source: author: reading: heard her words, I'm not happy: what's wrong with selling sex toys? Why so many people heard did very exaggerated, was surprised, very silent, very confused? A colleague of the company, into the company in 2011, began to have adult supplies, at the beginning as well as ordinary workers, have nothing. Now, in shenzhen has a room have a car with a wife, just six years to realize the dream of most people. If no prospects for the industry, the industry unprofitable, he could not remain in the industry, it is impossible to realize the dream of buying homes and cars. And domestic adult supplies, most people mentioned are taboo, ashamed. This also explains, most people's thought idea needs to be improved. Now the speed of economic growth so block, ideas change, but sooner or later. Once the idea of the vast majority of people have changed, you no longer talk about sex, see violence status quo of the industry, will enter the industry. Then nature will be very competitive in this field, want to be profitable is not so easy now. Now more men to have more and more serious, the condition of the dependence on the solution of the supplies, many physiological demand of this demand is not temporary, but, naturally this market will only big not small. Maybe we will be shy about sex, but we cannot deny that this kind of demand. An industry, there are huge profits space, most people don't realize that, why don't we seize the opportunities, the first to eat crab? With friends like that communication, her understanding of the industry, appears to have changed. The purpose of work, after all, is to make money, don't steal not to rob, and profiteering industry, it is not necessary to such rejection. Who should not and can not pass money! ! ! ! In the interview several companies, all after fruitless, friends finally under my proposal, also went to an adult supplies company. Perhaps his ideas change, perhaps really accepted the this industry, perhaps really eager to make money. Half a year of time to work, let friends now is relate to the industry. As she said: maybe after their venture will choose interest. I ask: why? She is very direct: the purpose of the money to be made. Speaking of which, I have to mention to her income. Just into the company in the first two months, her income is very general. Changes occur in the third month. From 3 months to now, six months, she's wages have risen a lot, concrete cannot be disclosed, but tens of thousands of is. Reap the benefits of the industry, friends will such approval, the industry will be after thinking about entrepreneurship also start from the industry. People is such, don't know when, shun, after taste, will welcome. I sometimes think, why li-li ma after graduating from college, adult supplies, will have the courage to do at a young age is a multi-millionaire? Why learn art major origins wei behing, choose adult supplies business, which eventually became the queen sex toys? The beginning of everything, because they all want to have their own career, all want to make money, just they saw the industry is to make money, and if you choose to other industries, they may lose. And most people mention, now I am working in adult supplies industry, their first reaction is very surprised, think I must be a low is not serious. So if you think of this industry practitioners, so, the industry's profits, destined to have nothing to do with you. A legitimate industry, because of the influence of traditional ideas, make a lot of people are not serious. Naturally, the industry's cake again big, you can only watch as Shared by others. Today is share this with you, is actually want to tell everyone: do adult things? What's the matter? Selling sex toys and what's the matter? Misunderstanding I leave to others, we make money! As years ago in taobao, neglected, many people laughed at ma in language. Today's jack ma, but rich! Those who laugh at him, never closed his mouth. So, if you want to in the adult products industry to achieve your ambitions, just don't care about how the somebody else. Or that sentence: what's the matter with selling sex toys? Didn't you went to bed, never used a condom? Haven't seen the small movie? Didn't make any guns? Well, finally: if you want to be engaged in adult supplies industry, want to share the industry's profits, want here to realize their dream of wealth, welcome to join us!
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