Take you know tablet silica gel protective sleeve again

by:Cupidove     2020-09-28

a few years before beginning the purpose of the use of mobile phones and tablet computer protection cover appearance is nothing but two points, one is to prevent the collision of electronic product appearance and internal damage, the second is to improve appearance attract more heads, according to statistics, with the popularity of tablets using students and urban white-collar workers tablet users account for 70%, and it also makes the silicone tablet cases accounted for decorative cover two advantages! So small make up take you know in the silicone cases have what advantage!

first understand tablet computer and cell phone use in experience is different, we all know that mobile phones occupy small face, one hand can be easy to operate, simple and tablet with strong operability can complete things to get finish on the mobile phone use, but the volume is too big to let it had to prevent falls, the tablet silicone protective order different size and thickness and shape can be completely prevent broken, so now a lot of manufacturer of silica gel plate case for protective technology and processing, to the cases of different size should be how to meet the requirements!

silica gel plate set of good elasticity and cache so can take to prevent the fall effect which is widely used, in terms of quality is made of high quality high strength silicone raw materials production and processing, can achieve the desired service life for a long time, can be high and low temperature resistance, waterproof seal, etc. , and in addition to this, products on the aesthetic effect is not inferior to the other materials, silica gel plate on the market in our country at present cases for appearance has outstanding technical level, color can be customized different design and color and design.

common silica gel plate sets of different colors and patterns can be customized and all can be customized, printing process can be adopted to design the printing also can use a glue craft to make three-dimensional AoTuGan, also may carry on the transfer printing for multi-color combination do different colors, in addition product can adopt the method of main body double color appearance silk-screen do two different color combination, the silica gel can be a integrated local double-color effect on K color display and so on!

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