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by:Cupidove     2020-05-17

on December 8, 2015, on the days of drizzle, the sky today although less while the lingering, but still did not see the sun shining, it is refreshing cool wind blow gently, Cupidove friends appear special spirit. Finish enterprises' grasp money dance routine, it's time to summarize, this every day during the leadership, colleagues take turns sharing, work, life and the feeling of life gives us a lot of inspiration, motivation and moved. Black clouds, led, years may wrinkle the eternal things, ten thousand kinds of boundless love, just come out from university for a lot of friends, just step into society, has just entered the business they are like a greenhouse is strong toward the window sill to grow flowers, after the baptism of wind and rain the sun can blossom belong to their elegant demeanour, friends, you need to learn knowledge, learn, experience emotions, cultivate talents, play their own value, after assumes that made some achievements. In high speed developing Cupidove now is 'recruitment, recruitment of a motto' moment, this morning's share in the just took office general manager zhang, he Shared the boys to Cupidove three main points: 1. Can become a necessary factor: general manager of the independent, it can make your own judgment in time, make the right guidance. 2. Colleagues can do: concave-convex complement each other, play to their respective strengths, make contribution to the company's core interests. 3. Position: agree with enterprise values, with the enterprise values for this. Mr. wong with particular emphasis on the importance of the third side, said: this is more important than the first two of these 10 times, if the enterprise has the talent to particular employees, but he doesn't agree with the values of the enterprise, and enterprise position is inconsistent with colleagues, so he can't bring good effect for the company, not only would be harm instead. Early meeting summary gives us a lot of inspiration, to an enterprise, will love the enterprise, the enterprise, seriously do every thing, be: when a day monk knock a day clock; Serious and responsible is indispensable for every employee's basic quality. If you do not agree with a business, then go find a agree with you! Learning is a kind of find it as we expand the spirit of space and volume, to learn is long, life is short, is long, life is short, its music also is long, life is short. Cupidove group is an attention on the learning, encourage employees to participate in training and study, let oneself on the thought and the ability to get promoted. An enterprise to invest in staff's learning is a long-term strategic planning, only more employees, in order to create more value, to bring greater profits. Growing together with employee value Cupidove culture.

in Cupidove, small make up I feel the passion of friends every day, every friend love our enterprise, love our own work, enterprise is no emotions, the key is to see you friend the mood of work in the enterprise, enterprise, is identified, every day happy work, happy life, good.

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