Super high modulus of cement brick mold silicone

by:Cupidove     2020-04-25
Super wear-resistant

cement brick rolling over silica gel

liquid silicone products as mould application field is very wide, is more common brick, culture stone, european-style components, cement component, the characteristics of these materials is that the size is bigger, rubber, die wear, rolling over less, therefore, the high cost, low added value, many manufacturers entered a misunderstanding, they instinctively think should be in the silicone raw material price fluctuation kongfu, looking for cheap silica gel, reduce costs, but to do so is the cost, as the silicone raw material manufacturer, I know, the price cheap silicone how come down, the cost of raw materials of inferior, also saved a lot of process on production process, in addition to miscellaneous, number of filtering, etc. , such as silica gel is not durable, even can't use, fewer mode is inevitable, repeated mould takes work and waste, indeed improve the cost, do more harm than good. So remind users, eyes must be put in the long run, the performance good silicone wear-resisting durable, anti-aging, do a mold can be used for a long time, really can turn 800 times more silica gel is good quality, and our super wear resistant silicone guaranteed 1000 times, high cost performance, interested friends can contact me, Cupidove silicone wang

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