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by:Cupidove     2020-09-21

the day is becoming more and more hot, and in the face of the hot weather, dry throat, you what also don't want to I just want to use the freezing ice and blocked our throat, back home, we faced with the hot weather also appear all sorts of problems, for fear of heatstroke cold with hot sweat too much, in the face of air conditioning must be comfortable, but it's easy to have a cold, but the life in the face of the heat of the sun, let's also a bit more creative, although the heat in the summer a headache, but I can think of some way to solve,

we all know that ice is a kind of necessary food, we are good, our ice or ice cream are made with the model, a common many stores are selling Popsicle in recent days, but it also makes a lot of friends have the idea, but to buy and don't feel clean, then how to do? Now society in progress, innovation is changing our lives, the silicone ice may be for everybody and familiar with but haven't made the possibility of more of their own, in the middle of the store Popsicle ice lattice model is made, as long as you make your own can buy at home make your own Popsicle.

now a lot of friends, seldom go to buy ice cream that is because of security problems, accessories in our store to buy ice cream may be used the ice making plastic material will have certain influence to the body, and the thinking of using silica gel products processing production can use square, silica gel belongs to the environmental protection material performance at the top of the ice also belong to environmental protection material, need not worry too much worry, now the silicone ice with usual not as before so a single, various shapes, if you need custom can also looking for a silicone products manufacturer to a specific model of various shapes, at home and make your own family can give children a safe green food.

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