Strategic theory of silicone, silicone chemical materials purchasing necessity

by:Cupidove     2020-04-22

a trade war again, the White House will be announced on June 15 is a 25% tariff of $50 billion Chinese products list. The White House statement on China's intellectual property protection measures, announced by 30 June investment restrictions and export controls. For the influence of the peripheral market lead to the market reshuffle, the market generally fell more air circulation under the market go from here? Organic silicon, chemical raw materials will also continue to rise? For those of us who silicone products insider, chemical raw materials, may be this will be our the next few months, or even throughout the year for the topic of concern.

another news is that environmental protection law enforcement storm blow, as of May 18 to 19 blockbuster meeting environmental protection, the national ecological environment protection convention was held in Beijing. Leader of learning, points out that to promote green development in an all-round way. Green development is the necessary request to build a high quality of modern economic system, is the solution to the problem of pollution. With a focus on the adjustment of economic structure and energy structure, optimize national spatial development layout, adjust the regional industry layout of the basin, cultivate strengthen energy conservation and environmental protection industries, industry clean production, clean energy industry, promote the overall saving resources and recycling, production systems and life systems circulation links, advocate contracted moderately, green low carbon way of life.

in the face of international environment impact on the economy and domestic environmental protection law enforcement increasing and normalized, under the trend of organic silicon, chemical raw material will suffer. In this tough market conditions, as an organic silicon directly or indirectly to the user, chemical material, is there any necessary to make strategic sourcing and planning? The small make up to you to do the following:

1. If released on June 15, the White House really is a 25% tariff listings, countries in response to the trade balance in tariffs to the United States would also, so once, consumption products, will again rose and or not small.

2。 If environmental protection law enforcement routine inspection again, for the environmental protection not qualified chemical raw materials factory, workshop will intensify efforts to stop business operations for rectification. When will inevitably under the condition of production to reduce prices, this is the law of economics.

if the long-term use of between the above two points discussed and in the short term there is no way to replace with other materials, it is necessary to carry out the inventory physical count, please prepared to stock up nearly 3 ~ 6 months. Of course you also can continue to hold the wait-and-see attitude to look at the market, but the consequences may be you want to use a higher price to buy the same material, or even worse quality products. This small make up to everyone's advice, and driven by the laws of the market!

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