Still wear shoes - water Water silicone covers do you want to try

by:Cupidove     2020-08-25

it is said that ten million kinds of silicone products strange trick, let you see love, every time is a new type of silicone gifts listed a lot of friends will have a special feeling of love, and silica gel creative products market in recent years, also let the market have a certain composing, such as silicone cleaning gloves last year, a few years ago the silicone brush, ahead of a rubber band, and so on are for consumers to have certain cognitive, and from last year to now the silicone covers have you ever know?

overshoes is already we know things of a kind of life, but you may be only for plastic bag, shoes for other materials, there is no detailed understanding, thermoplastic rubber boots set of a product is popular in recent years, but it is one of the drawbacks is hard, not soft wear feeling after rigid, and deformation is bigger, so not a perfect products, and the emergence of silicone shoe covers solved this problem.

the silicone covers the main advantage is that it has good flexibility, can complete the facial and the shoes fit closely, prevent splash water to the interior of the shoe, good abrasion resistance, silica gel has good skid resistance and abrasion resistance, wear after can get very good anti-skid effect on a rainy day and can be normal use on any ground, so also in use process to avoid the common phenomenon of plastic and shoes, degumming and cracking phenomenon.

for the shoe covers in the south may feel a certain way, more rain season for wet shoes inside or are more likely to affect the mood, so go out to prepare on a pair of qualified reasonable silicone rubber overshoes is ok.

it's just such a, as well as advantages besides waterproof non-slip leak proof, it can also be used as a pack, bags, portable use, free to fold use zoom in at any time, completely non-toxic tasteless environmental safety, for any material without conflict, so don't worry about it will have an effect on the skin.

about waterproof and leakage problems, mainly of advantage, it is made of silicone products manufacturer by use of high temperature hydraulic technology, a forming after make products belong to this shape, so for the degumming and the phenomenon of break apart, not in this kind of silicone products, rather than a one-time foot set it can use repeatedly, can not only save resources but also can reduce environmental protection, so you don't want to wet shoes in the rainy season, then carry on the silicone shoe covers!

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