Special ceramic mold silicone

by:Cupidove     2020-04-25

special ceramic mold silicone products rubber curing the special die mould is used for making handicraft, silica gel is characteristic of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to tear strength, high simulation precision, the special die is to do all sorts of handicraft silica gel. Ceramic production development has experienced a long process, production technology of ceramic products, products from their source, also in inorganic nonmetallic materials as the main raw material, after accurate proportioning, mixing processing methods of production process, according to certain mold process molding and the after burn. However, silica gel, arts and crafts ceramics special die mould application properties of silica gel has:

1, the relative average mold plastic, with moderate hardness, good elasticity, mould service life is long.

2, physical performance is good, have a high resistance to tear strength and tensile strength.

3, fast curing at room temperature, operation performance.

4, vulcanization line low shrinkage rate, ChengMo precision.

how to make silicone products mold, mold silicone rubber is how to make the mould, the following mold design manufacture process with ceramic craft products as a representative, to introduce the production technology of ceramic arts and crafts silicone mold operation method:

1, die or perfusion die operation method: filling mould or filling mould, is used to compare smooth or simple products, no save work line to save time, would you want to copy product or model, with plastic board or glass plate that will be a vacuum of silica gel directly into the products above, after being dry silica gel forming, take out the products, mold is molding the ( Note: perfusion model generally adopts the soft hardness of silica gel to do die, so that parting easier, not damage the inside of the silicone mold products) 。

2, shard or mold piece operation method: using smoked vacuum silicone to besmear to brush or perfusion method construction. Mold piece or divided adopts coating method, besmear brushs the you want to copy product or model before besmear to brush a layer of mold release agents or isolation agent, and then put the silica gel coating on product ( Note: be sure to besmear brushs uniform) Waiting for 30 minutes, to stick on the surface of a layer of gauze or to increase the strength of glass fiber weft cloth, then besmear to brush a layer of silica gel, and then a layer of gauze in firbre cloth paste, so after two is ok, the mold can use gesso or material such as resin, only by doing so, out of the service life of the silicone mold and mold number relative to improve a lot, can save cost and improve efficiency. ( Note: to replicate before pouring silicone products or model release agent must be hit or isolation agent)

3, the mode of production: the general methods and materials is to mold all round, with plastic board or board, a use gypsum mold filling is ok, another way of using resin coating, coating a layer of a layer of glass fiber cloth paste resin, besmear again brush and then paste, repeated two or three layer, can complete the die mould.

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