Solid silica gel seal technology difficulties and practical advantages

by:Cupidove     2020-09-12

article sealing silicone is mainly used for building doors and Windows, mechanical seal gate valve and electronic fuel buffer shock absorption effect, for the special requirements of products to choose different shapes, so far, silicone rubber for extrusion, die and other two ways of processing the majority, in respect of extrusion process is occupied more than 80% of the share, silicone sealing strip production process forming in a number of ways, for products production and processing difficulty also has different benefits and drawbacks, such as solid silica gel sealing strip is a problem.

solid silicone rubber sealing strip usually USES the round, square, shaped cross section design, so for the larger size of sealing strip, cross section design determines the processing difficulty of it, mould pressing craft processing problems: first, for silicone seal manufacturers, the main difficulty lies in the high temperature vulcanization molding process of the product size and thickness, such as product size is too large or larger diameter, then cause the lower efficiency and work longer hours, and the size is too big lead to products are not ripe, not normal vulcanization molding.

if use extrusion process, the more troublesome is the shape of the products, such as product selection entities don't round the basic issue much, but how is alien or irregular shape, product shape is likely to cause the extrusion deformation, after coming out the phenomenon of irregular shape, in addition, if the size of the silicone fluid sealant is too large and the size of the grooves or too deep, can not lead to populate the extrusion products, lead to its deficiency in the process of machining the phenomenon such as lack of glue.

but solid silicone bar product size usually is not very big, so basically in the range of conventional equipment can produce, if the products with special or specific estimates that will lead to the above several reasons, besides the silicone solid bars also has a certain advantage:

the properties of the silicone seal as follows:

1. Silica gel itself has a strong inertia, so circular silicon rubber sealing strip in anti-aging, corrosion resistance, are prominent

2. 8 - AOTEMAKE hardness 25 a, density of 0. 25 - 0. 9 g/cm3, thickness of 0. 2 - 50 MM, tensile strength, 3. 0 - 5. 5 MPa,

3。 Can be divided into smooth surface and grain, temperature range 70 - 300 degrees, color can be arbitrary custom matching, accord with environmental protection certification

4. Because of silicone materials, sealed performance is good, circular silicon rubber sealing strip can fit all kinds of smooth surface, have the effect of shockproof waterproof and dustproof sealed

5. Solid circular silicon rubber sealing strip environmental safety, non-toxic tasteless, belong to the sealing strip of food grade, in food and medical industry can be at ease use

6. Solid circular silicon rubber sealing strip compression deformation is small, strong resilience, good surface viscosity, permeability is good, smooth and beautiful.

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