Soft seal jelly glue is also called the silicon gel

by:Cupidove     2020-04-23

soft seal jelly glue is also called the silicon gel

today with you will be a glue, silica gel, also called jelly glue, is how, as the name implies, a jellylike appearance, there are two clear and blue, he is a two-component, a room temperature curing liquid silicone products, its characteristic is that the soft good viscosity, curing surface after hands, environmental non-toxic tasteless, is a kind of very good sealed with silicone, because the high efficiency filter using common seal, so also known as the liquid tank glue, after curing, soft sealing effect is good, easy disassembly, coefficient of thermal conductivity is high, so the wider application field because he has the characteristics of soft environment, so also applied to the placket, scar, medical massage with patch, etc. , application of application is the development, the prospects are very broad. Need specific parameters can discuss with me,

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