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by:Cupidove     2020-05-05
Xinhuanet Shanghai on June 2 (Reuters) - Reporter spcswinson) June 1 children's day is all children's festival, and safety is to give children the best gift. Statistics show, China within 3 years old infants and young children of about 50 million, use more than 2 bottles per person per year on average estimate, the bottle in consumption alone hundreds of millions of products in our country. Reporter recently visited the market found that infants and young children jobs bottle the execution of the standard are different. What is the difference between what standards? Can baby bottles to a unified & other; Identity & throughout; 吗? Enterprise alliance standard quality control people how to be a baby bottle? Reporters were investigated. Standards vary widely in quality, reporter saw a maternal and infant shop in Shanghai import milk bottle half share, but all kinds of bottle packaging with the execution of the standard is multifarious. Some implement eu standards, some annotation is bottle materials of national health standards, individual product labeling is 'the national toy safety technical specifications', and not with any standard, only Chinese origin, the basic information such as telephone was written on the label. Reporter saw in some parts of the bottle, and some manufacturers at the same time with the United States, the European Union and China three criteria. “ Anyway, buy do not contain bisphenol A, imported, always at ease some. ” One is to choose milk bottle's mother said. Because the bottle quality not up to standard, lead to infant health news frequently threatened to. The situation of the quantity are not allowed to happen from time to tome, for instance, often lead to an infant milk, long-term consumption of high or low concentration of lead to kidney pressure or malnutrition. Mr Kim, for example, Shanghai consumers this year to buy a glass bottle, can be used when the bottle burst, almost burned hand. “ Bottle market in the standard production, lack of regulatory status. ” Standing vice President of association of Chinese toys and infant child supplies Liang Mei said, the bottle nipple industry in our country has a large product sales, product brand, the characteristics of scattered sales channels, product quality good and bad are intermingled. According to incomplete statistics, the bottle nipple enterprises more than 200, but only a handful of backbone enterprises made the enterprise standard, most did not indicate product standards. “ Due to lack of bottle safety standards, lack of government supervision, to guarantee product quality and safety, industry standard can depend on. In this environment, some bad products into market will harm an infant health, damage the interests of the whole industry. ” With more than 20 years experience in the area of infant milk bottle detection of intertek relevant controller introduces. There is no mandatory national standard quality risks hide intertek relevant controller introduces, at present enterprise mainly according to eu standards EN14350 and American FDA food contact materials required for testing. Among them, the former for bottle contains small parts, tear resistance, baby bottles calibration accuracy, physical properties and contain dangerous chemicals have strict limits, while the FDA to focus on food contact materials of health and safety requirements. Intertek from the previous test data analysis, bottle the reason mainly has six appeared quality problem. A pacifier in tensile tests is torn or broken, broken parts easy to be an infant ingestion; The second is the test, the pacifier pulled off from the bottle, easy blocking the throat infant asphyxia; 3 it is plastic bottles are easy to be boiling hot deformation; Four is glass bottle prone to fracture in cold and hot shock tests, infants and young children easily hurt by liquid in the bottles and the glass pieces; 5 it is the volatile compounds of silicone products nipple ( VOC) Excessive levels; Six is health and safety, such as n-hexane polypropylene materials evaporation residue levels of decolorizing test. Association of Chinese toys and infant child items 2 times in 2013 to carry out the milk bottle touch bottom spot checks found that product quality, the unqualified milk bottle products, seventy percent is a bottle of volatile organic compounds. The unqualified products basic are well-known brands. The personage inside course of study introduces, our country toy safety standards 'requirements, including small toys to be warning labels on the package of the parts, to prevent children devour the suffocation. Bottle also exists the risk, but because there is no national safety standards, no industry standard, some bottles products all have no such security warnings. Union standards when change the threshold benchmarking? Now formulated by association of Chinese toys and infant child items of the baby bottle safety requirements enterprise alliance standards have been issued, fill the bottles in our country product and industry safety standards of the state of blank. Liang Mei is introduced, the alliance standards mainly have three characteristics: one is in line with international standards, suitable for different materials such as plastic, glass bottles, convenient enterprise quality control, and the government law enforcement and supervision; Second, key provisions of product in terms of physical, chemical and other performance should meet the safety requirements, increase the raw material falling health requirements, the overall strength of demands and the content of plasticizer, etc. , these are the European Union is not involved in the standard; 3 it is explicitly label, especially product warning requirements. However, the enterprise alliance standards still not mandatory, just play the part of demonstration and benchmark for the industry. Experts believe that should be a milk bottle national standards as soon as possible, to truly become a benchmarking & other; Threshold & throughout; Protecting the security of infants and young children the tip of the tongue.
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