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smooth silicone drinking straws supplier for dinner

smooth silicone drinking straws supplier for dinner

Smooth silicone drinking straws supplier for dinner

FDA approved silicone
Product Dimensions
7 x 7 x 0.2 inches
Item Weight
13.3 ounces
Yellow ,Blue ,Red,Green,Orange
Used in Pots, Cups, Jars ,Crispers, Dishes, Plates On stock
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Company Advantages
1. Cupidove custom rubber wristbands must go through the required physical tests. They include abrasion testing, adhesion testing, colorfastness testing, dimensional stability testing, hardness testing, and thickness testing. The product is characterized by a high level of heat resistance
2. Hongkong Cupid Limited's silicone drinking straws has been well sold to all over the world known as its diversification, good customer service and excellent quality.
3. The product illuminates in a specific direction. It does not require an additional reflection or reorientation system to prevent light loss. It can be used to massage to promote the blood circulation of the whole body
4. The product is soft and flexible. Mechanical extrusion and friction between the fibers and the yarns increase the ductility of the fabric. The product can be OEMed or ODMed to have different designs
5. The product features the desired safety. Its potential mechanical risks, electrical hazards, and sharp edges are kept under tight control. The product is manufactured in accordance with FDA, FCC, CE and RoHS standards

Silicone products OEM service :

Silicone rubber has unique properties that make it ideal for a wide range of manufacturing applications in industries including: automotive, bake and cookware, electronics, healthcare, personal care, children’s toys and many others. our factory is expert in working with customers designs to create the highest quality finished products. And if you have product concepts, our professional team can help you develop your project from beginning to end, through all stages, with the utmost efficiency, while reducing cost.  (name of your company) is a one source solution for all your silicone manufacturing needs.  Let us show you how our high standards can increase profitability.

Product Description

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Product Description

These silicone pads are heat resistant for superior heat protection,it doesn't melt when hot components are set down.Silicone mats is a non-slip, it can use these for setting hot things from the stove or oven too. Can use them to grab a casserole dish/dutch oven/lid too. it is very good mat to protect your table surface.

Silicone Rubber Parts

Our factory CDX have produced a wide range of rubber products , such as ....... , many of our customers cooperated with us for over 10 years . Our products' resistance and highest quality are always guaranteed .
Great sealing properties making it ideal for cooking and mixing processes. Silicone seals and gaskets can be used on food processing machinery such as dough and cake mixers in bakeries. As all of our silicone is FDA approved, food manufacturers can be confident that the silicone rubber used is completely safe when in contact with food.

Company Features
1. The notability of Cupidove has been rapidly increasing. The solid technology foundation for Hongkong Cupid Limited further consolidates the quality of silicone drinking straws .
2. Hongkong Cupid Limited undergoes decades of development, already has rich technical force and abundant experience.
3. It is evident that with the support of custom rubber wristbands technology, the reusable silicone straws are of higher performance. Our company is truly sustainable. And the quest continues, as the company is constantly evolving its products and innovating the processes for a sustainable future.
The design of Cupidove custom rubber wristbands is governed by a set of principles which are emphasis, rhythm, unity, balance and scale, and proportion. The product is easy to move and install
The fabric of Cupidove reusable silicone straws always works best with its design. It is chosen by our designers who have developed the ability comes through observation and experience to find the appropriate fabric for a design. It can be freely combined with other products to maximize the space
Cupidove custom rubber wristbands is professionally designed. It is created by our designers who master the elements and principles of design, color theory, basic garment silhouettes, as well as garment styling & details. The material of the product can be recycled
Color is one of the important factors to consider when designing Cupidove reusable silicone straws as it is the first element to which consumers respond, often selecting or rejecting a garment because of its color appeal. Its materials prove to have premium plasticity and toughness
Cupidove custom rubber wristbands is of flexible design. It is created by our designers who understand elements of design and use them in different ways to produce different kinds of art/objects and visual effects.
The product has high dimension precision. No matter the pattern making or stitching process is done professionally with much attention to tolerances. Its color, size, and shape can be customized to meet customer's requirements
It has the desired seaming quality. It will be stretched along seams, edges, and openings using normal force by the QC team to make sure the seams will not break. It is highly evaluated by customers around the world, such as the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia
The product can remain a good shape. It has good drapability that makes it look as straight as the one ironed. Its outer appearance is characterized by vivid color
This product is safe. It has been tested to be free of azo, carcinogenic or allergenic dyes, heavy metals, phthalates & formaldehyde that could pose severe health risks. The product has a good bearing capacity which is shock-resistant
This product is safe enough. Its fabrics are free of any toxic or chemical substances that would do harm to the human body. The product features a high anti-deformation property
This product features wear comfort. Relevant knowledge such as skin and senses, sensations and fabrics, psychological factors, and overall comfort perception is successfully applied in its material selection. The product is wind-resistant and can withstand more pressure
Hongkong Cupid Limited actively promote the quality management system for reusable silicone straws. It is frequently displayed in the international exhibition, such as the Canton Fair
Hongkong Cupid Limited has now come into the competitive phase of integrated strength after long time of rapid development in silicone drinking straws field. By using the product, no construction waste will be generated
Due to our high quality and affordable prices, our silicone drinking straws has gained more and more popularity since founded. The service life of the product is more than 20 years
All complaints from our customers will be sent response with solution at our earliest time in Hongkong Cupid Limited. Its sealed top and corner-drainage system ensure no water leak on the rooftop
Hongkong Cupid Limited has strong financial strength, strong employee cohesion, reliable product quality, and good reputation in silicone drinking straws field. The product helps save energy and cost in the process of installation
If customers have any reasonable suggestion for package, Hongkong Cupid Limited will try to cooperate. All its steel bars have anti-rust treatment, which can provide long-term durability
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