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by:Cupidove     2020-09-16

with the years continuously improve living standards, we to articles for daily use of artificial intelligence have certain dependence, lets many monomer products gradually eliminated by the market, and many with intelligence products in twenty I went to the front of the science and technology, we often think about before toothbrush components was replaced by the electric toothbrush, the charger was replaced by the mobile power supply, unlimited headsets with vehicle products, etc. , become the driving will now silicone products also gradually towards intelligence market, more and more electronic products are attached to the surface of the silica gel products with internal, especially our life often used in the product, and what is electronic intelligence integration become the market to be bestowed favor on newly.

from silica gel daily necessities for, in the early eighty s existed in our life, become the European and American countries at the time of fresh stuff, but at that time in our country still don't know what that thing is a product cannot be used, with a few years ago the silicone products of more and more silicone commodities appear in front of people, common silicone cake mold, silicone bowl, silicone spatula, and so on in the European and American countries, then references to our country, and now 2016 is the era of electronic intelligence, more and more products are with electronic products, such as now a lot of silica gel products factory production of silicone strap, silicone bracelet is with electronic smart products.

from this trend of silicone accessories in our country, many countries in Eurasia for non-metallic silica gel has a great interest in environmental protection, and in areas surrounding the export country of silicone products in China is now very popular, as one of the most high quality of environmental protection material, it has not the same as with other material performance, compared with other material it has excellent high and low temperature resistant, resistant and durable, and other functions and for this kind of intelligent environmental commodity must adopt relevant export standards, strict requirements for regions of the world's certification testing.

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