Size larger silicone products which need to pay attention to details

by:Cupidove     2020-09-15

will inevitably be silicone rubber products molding production process of some process of the above problems, such as the need to detect each certification of seal products, tensile tests must pass the silicone accessories and so on, of seal products in the production process is also belongs to a complex problem, in the production process of our product is a common phenomenon volume is too big, so lead to some difficulties in production, also need a lot of attention on the mold, because the weight of the product size is too big heavy are more strict to the requirement of the defective product, in the process to produce if the quantity of product defective rate did not control well, size is too big that often affect not only the company's profits, and affect the customer delivery date!

after the silicone products manufacturer analysis have a lot to the efficiency of the large size products are mainly source began to see the product of the mould structure, if the mould development high precision of the subsequent product production will be very smooth, so the early stage of the mold development is often affect the product defective rate, and the need to pay attention to during the proofing is the product of the weight of raw materials and put way and the adjustment of the machine, mastering the weight of the raw material can affect the product's kill yourself, put means material determines the products missing Angle phenomenon of lack of material, the temperature of the machine adjustment and vulcanization time mainly decided to product package and wind are not ripe.

the appropriate control the above points, large size product can be very good control product defective rate! For unused products are made in different processing ways, of course products tend to also can't just see the above methods, the second for the silicone seal products, silicone accessories products such as high hardness, high strength products still need to analyze the structure of the product to decide, such as simple seal product stripping, flat gasket is not easy to stick mold, if there are any concave-convex structure larger production and the volume of products is larger that it may encounter some trouble, you need at this time in the mold under the above enough effort to fix!

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