Silicone wristbands, silicone bracelet really wear significance in where

by:Cupidove     2020-09-29

most people think that the silicone wrist band in our memory it should belong to the symbol of cultural spirit, in the long before most of sports enthusiasts like hands when sports wear, etc. , such as Nike basketball court silicone wristbands, silicone bracelet, and at present on international project also many activists also don't forget to wear a silica gel to take for himself, then see a variety of consumer choice of this kind of silicone jewelry, wear it make any sense?

first adornment action is essential, now recognised by many people in the market of silicone rubber products, it is because the appearance of the product bring different visual feeling, such as color, LOGO, design and shape, and so on as the brand advertising sales promotion, etc. , in addition to products for the material of the added effect of luminous powder at night is more welcome.

utility function:

in addition to the appearance effect can also be combined with function, such as add right amount can bean jelly ( Such as negative ion, germanium, titanium and other trace elements, etc. ) Can achieve basic health care function, drive midge function and distribution function, etc. , and the common silicone wrist band manufacturer powder can be added to the correct energy to meet the use requirements! This aspect is more sports fans, also can prevent sweat after wearing flow to the hands, hands sliding phenomena, wear the same color to better distinguish between players and so on!

the last is the cultural spirit, more people because of symbolic and choose silicone wrist band, due to the generation of the first bracelet because believe that cancer patients believe faith and stick to fight, then set off out of the hot silicone bracelet boom, so more and more people prefer to go to believe that bracelet is a kind of faith, will bring good luck for himself, so they choose is not the bracelet, but their faith! Its development is not only a kind of decoration, more is the symbol of a cultural and propaganda.

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