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by:Cupidove     2020-04-29
watches manufacturer making silicone watches, now popular in European and American countries for business company gifts giving. Currently on the market, especially the European and American countries, generally can be divided into the following categories: 1. LED watch table using the LED core materials, in the midst of silicone band, embedded LED watch movements, can complete an LED watch. 2. Jelly silicone products jelly watch watches is a large square or circular header, in combination with thick silicone strap, design inspiration comes from the exterior characteristics of jelly, bright color, highlight personality, manufacturers will add LED lights inside the dial, increase jelly table movement. 3. Clap table strap is to use plastic bags in the silicone products industry technology, has the elastic steel piece mold positioning word, pressure in the vulcanizing press forming at a time. Elastic strap with sheet steel, but also has the silicone soft handle. To add to the fun of shrapnel table at the same time. 4. Anion anion table is using anion powder, titanium powder and some other ionic trace elements are added to the silicone raw materials mixing, make silicone strap has traces of radiation, promote the blood circulation.
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