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by:Cupidove     2020-04-27
Electric toothbrush is familiar to everyone, so the vibration of the pure silica gel material toothbrush? The display at the consumer electronics show CES a silicone toothbrush sparked my thinking, have it you might want to say goodbye forever ordinary toothbrush. Revolutionary silicone products brush head what concept? It is understood that the ISSA acoustic vibration toothbrush using systemic medical silica gel material, on the quality of a material is greatly breaks through the only nylon brush head toothbrushes on the market. Medical silicone material extremely soft, more gentle than nylon toothbrush, while effectively remove plaque still protect enamel from damage, also won't affect the friction damage gums; Nature and silicone and hard tooth surface produce stronger frictional contact, and then more thoroughly clean tooth surface plaque and tartar very well, achieve the goal of oral cavity clean zero dead Angle; Medical silica gel zero hole seamless, quick drying after use, and easy to clean, effectively restrain bacterial growth, prevent spread of harmful bacteria. Is also an electric toothbrush, ISSA USES what is technology? ISSA silicone toothbrush is the combination of high intensity pulse technology. It is not like other electric toothbrush with wear and tear 'brush as violent oscillation, but use, is softer, healthier, more efficient high intensity pulse acoustic technology at the same time, through the unique design of the silicone brush is passed to the oral cavity, effective cleaning, remove dirt, the effect of oral health care. Where ISSA silicone toothbrush special? According to the survey, 84. 21% of respondents thought their gums & other; No health & throughout; ; In the avowed gums & other; No health & throughout; Internet users group, and 98. 99% of respondents chose & other; Bleeding gums & throughout; Symptoms, & other; Bleeding gums & throughout; Became the biggest crowd have gum problems. Why are there so many netizens think his gums & other; No health & throughout; 吗? The expert points out, brush my teeth at ordinary times, in fact is not only clean teeth surface, but should clean the mouth, such as gum and tongue. Periodontal pathogens is widely distributed in the oral mucosa, saliva and gum on the surface. Clean the whole environment in oral cavity, therefore, is fundamental to inhibit the breeding and spread of periodontal pathogens. Toothbrush on market and because of the limitation of material, can't do clean teeth surface outside the oral environment. And ISSA silicone toothbrush, because of its softness of silica gel, not only can thoroughly clean teeth, dental plaque and tartar very well between can do more mildly clean gums, oral cavity wall, at the same time, the gum massage effect also can promote the gingival blood circulation, prevent gum atrophy, thus greatly reduce cause tooth decay and gum disease and other dangers of dental problems. Innovative electric toothbrush trigger a trendy of ISSA silicone toothbrush with its streamlined futuristic design has scored ADesign design awards, become a hot topic at home and abroad. In addition, its innovative also includes a charge to use 365 times ( The 6 - 7 months) , realized in the true sense of energy conservation and environmental protection. At the same time this toothbrush has two versions, ISSA standard and children's version ( Children over the age of five can safely use) 。 Among them, the standard version of the brush head has a light, if after 12 hours you haven't brush your teeth, indicator light will light up, as a reminder; Children's version of the brush head will have a cute emoticons, built-in program is every half a day to brush your teeth at least 2 minutes, didn't do so, toothbrush will be very unhappy, & other; Crying face & throughout; Lamp will light up, and if done, it will turn nu for pleased, convenient for parental supervision. FOREO chief executive Paul & middot; Perot in an interview said: & other; We have long been aware of the current recession toothbrush product of reason, so from the beginning of the draft, we have set for yourself a truly effective cleaning plan targets. ISSA's philosophy is to provide a kind of brand-new, with all the toothbrush in the market now completely different ways of oral care. ”
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