Silicone skin cleaning brush, USES the food grade silicone materials on production

by:Cupidove     2020-08-23

as living habits, the air pollution of all kinds of skin dirt and make the skin fall off old acceleration, as is known to all, life level of ascension for maintenance of procter &gamble and is now a habit of life, from skin care equipment constantly improve, many friends chose instead of skin care tools, silicone products from the time of the brush to the sponge in to the nylon and silicone material till now, for we are to maintain healthy skin, wash a face to now the silicone brush has become our new a face skin cleaning tools, once upon a time a few years began to rise to become a common daily supplements of our life, especially for a lady friend with infants and young children has a lot of benefits for them, and make the skin more exquisite and smooth, and use the silicone products and what are the advantages?

a lot of people wonder why many foreign countries will be widely used to silicone material, and did not use too much silicone commodities at home, for silicone commodities cleansing brush the main products are safe, environmental protection and so on several factors, silica gel daily original source is derived from the eu, from the silicone material in the early certification said why use silicone rubber material, in European and American countries silicone material instead of plastic material, the silica gel material also is a kind of rubber and plastic industry is the only can be used to the life, and it also can be injected into the human body as a kind of cosmetic and medical effect of material. With silica gel products widely used now in daily necessities, kitchen utensils and appliances, and so on of action, the silicone skin cleaning brush is one of them, gets gradually the favour of young women with infants and young children in recent years.

cleansing brush of silicone rubber products production process there may be a lot of friends is not very understanding, because it is a product of a long-term contact with human body skin, so the silicone products manufacturers are generally made of food grade solid silicone raw materials production due to the long-term contact with water cleansing brush so you can see from the silica gel products material toughness and anti-aging rate can choose better raw materials, from the molding process of vulcanizing temperature has quickly reached 200 degrees or so, so also is absolutely no problem for high and low temperature resistance, cleansing brush material is soft in the production process is commonly used raw materials mixing, about 30 degrees in add color to make the market consumers like, because of the products must have a neat facial brush, so the silicone products also have a high demand to mould the pinhole above, after molding, products processing and packing details, we will bring you details!

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