Silicone sheath factory: sheath technology innovation, to solve the traditional problem for production

by:Cupidove     2020-08-14

introduction: we are buying tablet, cameras and other digital products, tend to buy a case at the same time, so what kind of jacket to use? Silicone sheath manufacturer recommends, from you to feel, to select material, cleaning, etc.

mobile phone as a kind of high-grade electronic products increasingly get the favour of people, in use process, in order to prevent knock against influence use, prevent the scratch appearance, people tend to be in a sheath. So cases of electronic products has become the best partner, existing sheath is generally silica gel, plastic or leather.

leather sheath is not high, but not to bear or endure dirty, not easy to clean; Plastic sheath is easy to clean, but the product feel, protection effect is not ideal. So now the sheath, use the silicone material, compression molding and leather sheath compared with plastic sheath, is high-grade, and wear-resisting durable, flexible, have very good protection effect of tablet products.

but the silicone case also has a defect, is sheathed if using clamshell design, in use process, due to the nature of the material silicone and cause its sheath clamshell ridge surface is easy to tear, causing the whole sheath scrapped and cannot be used, sheath, short service life of effective cause consumers to use costs rise, affect the widely used of silicone sheath.

therefore, silicone jacket factory by the research and development, introduced with glass fiber cloth interlining silicone sheath, including sheath ridge surface, its characteristics is described in the sheath ridge surface including the ridge surface the inner surface of outer, middle ridge surface, ridge, the ridge surface of the inner, middle ridge surface, ridge surface solid and as a body, the outer ridge surface of the inner and outer ridge surface are silicone material, middle ridge surface of glass fiber cloth.

adopts the structure of the silicone sheath, sheath ridge surface tear not lousy, wear-resisting, folding, can effectively prolong the service life of silicone sheath of effective, enabled tablet computers and other digital products to effectively protect.

technology innovation points:

1, through the sheath ridge on glass fiber cloth, make the sheath ridge surface tear not lousy, wear-resisting, folding, can effectively extend the useful lifespan of silicone sheath.

2, this product structures of various materials can be applied to the glass fiber cloth laminated silicone sheath, make the products with all kinds of material properties and decorative effect, and can satisfy the requirement of product design and use.

3, ridge surface lining, ridge middle, outer molding ridge surface and as a body or adhesive and structure into an organic whole, make the wear-resisting, folding, effectively extending the service life of the silicone sheath of effective.

main technical economic indicators:

1, the structure, including the jacket cover cover, sheath ridge surface, sheathed back cover;

2, sheath ridge surface: including ridge ridge surface lining, ridge middle, outer surface;

3, ridge surface the inner and outer ridge surface are silicone material;

4, ridge surface in the middle of glass fiber cloth;

5, ridge surface lining, ridge middle, outer molding ridge surface and as a body or adhesive and into an organic whole.

this innovation to solve the traditional don't stain resistant silicone products factory production of products, service life is not perfect, the objective of the product performance is outstanding, use effect is obvious, to adapt to the need of using the market, especially the public customer needs, market potential is tremendous, will be recognised by the market, with the objective market application prospect.

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