Silicone rubber products manufacturers how to solve the sticky dust silicone products for you

by:Cupidove     2020-09-03

in the process of daily life, we see a lot of silicone products is a kind of high density material have rarely seen water seepage phenomenon in a silicone material, dry material to take it for granted when it comes in the market, so you can see a lot of made of silicone material dryer! But when it comes to adsorption in the solid silica gel products many of silicone mobile phone sets, silicone strap, and so on accessories sticky dust will appear this kind of phenomenon? So compared with other material accessories silicone sticky dust is also its greatest weakness, but of the silica gel adsorption force a lot of friends have always wanted to ask a to understand, the same why organic solid silica gel products are silicone material will be stained with dust, and common silica gel products will be sticky dust this kind of phenomenon? What is the principle of it?

adsorption is the main reason for the silica gel stained with dust, even if used in good silicone raw materials such as antistatic adhesive also can appear natural physical adsorption force, there still in time it will also absorb the dust around the fiber, so the organic silicon is called physical adsorption of organic silicon material belongs to the anode sex, to do all kinds of chemical auxiliary materials for other polar material has strong adsorption reaction, in order to enhance the silicone adsorption force, should increase active type structure unit of adsorbent. Therefore, if the silica gel calcine make its completely dehydrated, the silica gel silicon hydroxyl are completely destroyed and reduce or even no adsorption capacity; If the silica gel to join a lot of water, the adsorption force will also reduce, this is because the silicon hydroxyl form too many hydrogen bonds with water to reduce the proportion of active type.

second for hardness higher product and without the influence of the adsorption of dust and debris, to the low hardness products adopt electrostatic rubber production will not have a sticky dust, the phenomenon for silicone products adsorption problem for silicone products manufacturer can be baked to keep products belong to remove certain electrostatic drying, spraying oil to prevent feel sticky dust, feel is oil belongs to an oily substances main function is to increase the smoothness of the silicone surface appearance, keep the dustproof effect, for consumer friends, can buy a white electric oil appropriate to wipe, with a clean cloth glued alcohol can also remove the dust on the appearance!

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