Silicone rubber products and TPE seal that better?

by:Cupidove     2020-08-24

in rubber and plastic industry engineering staff are probably aware, TPE and silicone material is very similar, and the use of silicone products with TPE products both environment and function were similar, also in some match pieces of machinery and electronics, waterproof sealing effect, children gifts toys, and so on are two materials that can be used, and now two materials which a more extensive role towards you, but more remains to be seen who is the one who is will be a dominant position in the modern era of science and technology with the upper hand in the future?

to know the origin of the silicone material originates from the eighteenth century, and thermoplastic TPE in the 19th century to the end of the 19th century the birth to commercial development gradually get hard rubber thermoplastic use as some plastic products, and from the historical development of the time still lags far behind the silicone material, and from the technical level of TPE material now ticked up gradually in recent ten years, from 1972 began to study the soft soft TPE thermoplastic elastomer to apply for nearly 50 years, has been widely used in today!

the difference between the silicone products and teb products:

silicone rubber products:

1, environmental protection silicone can be used as medical treatment level contact with internal body such as

2, on the environment and the solvent has good resistance to

3, good pull litre resilience, not deformation, not faded

4, high and low temperature resistance, aging resistance, corona resistance good

5, good insulation effect, high density, using a wide range of

6, raw material, silica gel products manufacturers need to mixing process will into vulcanizing agent of raw materials in cutting add color glue ah!

TPE products:

1, has good flexibility, weather resistance, ageing resistance and oil resistance and ozone

2 single, processing, injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, forming, cutting edge

3, can heat welding, small tolerance, high precision, high efficiency, rich colors,

3, material is qualitative soft, springback is strong, good fatigue resistance performance, better aging properties

4, simple processing performance is superior, without vulcanization, reusable

summarize TPU and silicone material, there is no better and better, but still need to suit the remedy to the case, to prove that the use of certain product areas, with silicone rubber products can be referred to as the environmental protection material but as a mechanical seal, oil seal and miscellaneous pieces of industrial construction accessories can choose TPE, and should choose environmental protection sex strong, good resistance to high and low temperature, lift rebound strength good or choose silicone rubber material is better! The material of different environment and function to choose different!

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