Silicone release agent products are too expensive _ silicone products manufacturer how to control the cost

by:Cupidove     2020-09-24

in the silicone products industry in order to guarantee the product quality and yield of product, is the most difficult demoulding is product sulphur residue rubber a headache, because will inevitably be in the silica gel products factory production is expected to heavy flash is too large, or more sticky mold vulcanization time too short lead to products leads to the formation of a mold surface burrs pile up too much of stubborn dirt, after high temperature carbonization effect on the production of the next, so in the production of clean as we must to solve a problem, and the industry knows, the price of the release agent is too expensive, does that can save cost and to seek a way to promote efficiency?

to clean up the mold of the besmirch, must first be fixed stains such as mold of the die on the burr, stubborn rust, etc. , so will the appearance of the mould sand blasting or advanced clean with washing mold water can reduce the bad of the products the mold speed, moreover tuomoji can add water. Use the quantity can be according to the product in the mold of the sticky on the line for different match, if the product is too sticky mold that could amplify mold release water and the proportion of water and a small amount of water release agent this way more method can save the amount of release agent. In addition if the sticky mold silicone products and production order quantity is big can choose to spray teflon process, instead of spraying mold release agent can!

for mold problems often is the key to affect the product, so the mold demoulding effect and the method is also one of them, so in the production process of the first to save the cost of environment to choose effective reasonable control method, and is also a problem cannot be neglected in the silicone products manufacturer.

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