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by:Cupidove     2020-09-06

a lot of silicone products are the quality of the ideal sometimes cannot fully orientation in the production process and raw materials, and in the mold a piece of it if we can use good steel on to the machine, that is to spend money is spent on section a little, a lot of customers friends complain about silicone products is not beautiful, a lot of silicone manufacturers complain that product is not bad high capacity, and looks for the reason, in addition to the raw materials and production operation for the choice of mould do you find out the reason?

in the molding process of silicone rubber products products are hydraulic press molding or injection molding machine for pressing out and become, in the process of extrusion die determines the quality of the product structure and quality, so for the difference between a piece of good steel and ordinary steel will be reflected at this time, but the product and mould accordingly is also very important, must know large products and general products of steel selection!

different die steel for different product appearance has certain relevance, such as larger use ordinary domestic steel products, use for a long time after the demolition side will become rough, incipient deformation the outline of the mold, the mold problem such as offset, and the good after nitriding quenching hardened steel processing can get high hardness surface structure, surface hardness of 650 - after nitriding 700 hv, as will ensure the long-term mechanical pressing wheel Angle intact, to maintain the quality of the product and the service life of the mold!

at present, the commonly used steel S50C ( Domestic ordinary steel) , 45 # steel ( Domestic ordinary steel) P20 steel ( High quality steel hardness) Steel, 718 s ( High quality imported steel) S136 ( High precision steel) AK80 ( High precision imported steel) And so on, choose different steel for different products, such as product structure, the size of the product and the role of the product and so on.

so for silicone rubber products customized processing friend, if your product order quantity is more, the mold need to achieve multiple pressing, to ensure the quality of products under the premise of suggest attaches great importance to the mould steel, nature price is too high to have a point!

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