Silicone products, silicone products shiny appearance reason is what

by:Cupidove     2020-08-30

the silicone cases for the superficiality of the appearance is very important, so for the appearance, appear black spots impurities and burrs parting line, such requirements are very strict, and many silicone products production custom when there is always a problem, product appearance appear bright, resulting in uneven facial seriously affect the appearance, for this kind of imagine any one basic think it belongs to a defective goods, so the product appears bright bright surface, how to deal with the problem?

for products shine, after a silicone products manufacturer to conclude that there are caused by different reasons, and different reasons can use different way!

first is raw material problem, the proportions of the raw material of silicone oil is beyond, there was a large area of color difference in the molding pressure, usually is not going to happen, but this phenomenon after time of precipitation will gradually highlighted, so for the raw materials can be ready to test in production under the

on the other hand, is in the process of rubber mixing rubber cutting sticky glue paper, as a result, under normal circumstances at the time of silicone cell phone sets manufacturers for cutting raw materials are easily to tape with raw materials, thus causing mixed with tape on the machine for high temperature vulcanization, in hot melt glue stick in the product, the internal and surface of plastic, paper and silica gel raw material, the silica gel is not with any material, so the product surface shiny things are likely to be plastic paper, this phenomenon is likely to product surface of the very big!

in addition to the mold surface in the process of producing the machine also has a great influence, some long-term products if the mold above wade didn't start oil pressure directly, will lead to the phenomenon appeared glossy product appearance, mold has black spots and dirt on the surface, with what want to remove black spots but left some mark on mould no processing can also lead to appear shiny phenomenon, after spraying mold release too much appearance appear shiny and bright spot is also inevitable.

processing silicone cases, many products appear shiny appearance factors are derived from the above points, and these problems can be solved through internal control of silicone rubber products manufacturer, so want a perfect product, no defective goods for silica gel supplier selection is a very important decision!

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