Silicone products, silicone card sets, it is time to bring you the rose to the bait

by:Cupidove     2020-08-29

ferrule as a modern urban office workers, young students daily essentials, commonly found in upper middle life is, now many children and students to wear school id card and office workers work card, and so on are needed to escape not to drop card set of beam, so 'silicone card sets' in recent years, by which the trend of The Times and also borrow material technology advantage in the market of crazy hot, and silicone card sets of this kind of thing as a can protect things again when decorating supplies products I think everyone may have used in our country, so I think, my friends, which are frequently used for each one should not too much!

but about CARDS, card sets as the market early, early simply leather material such as plastic bags, now gradually began to get popular on various materials, it is because over the years it still wouldn't be eliminated easily, and silicone card sets of different color drawings more to attract customers, so this kind of jewelry has a certain advantage naturally began to heat up, and the cost of silicone material card sets of production costs, is not expensive, time consuming, but in the work can be recognised by the market, so I think you should know about the material and production process it

card sets belong to product of thinner so above the mould of the silicone products manufacturer chooses steel to withstand sharpen, generally need to use more than P20 steel mould to prevent mold core appear deformation phenomenon, because it belongs to the thin transparent color control in the aspect of color glue need to get some strict proportion, for processing card set of internal burrs on repairing the detail depends on the weight of the raw materials to get a certain control, especially the moulding line if the raw material is heavier, then possible defects in the products is large, for processing, fuel injection should be essential second do color printing or laser carving process needs certain fixed control, soft inside empty hanging card set of materials, so the glue process orientation link is more important!

for the consumer market, the silicone card set of basic will not be much problem, but the most important still is the silicone production factory production process to complete the sample on the process of mediation, so for each type of sell like hot cakes products better behind will have not known the bitterness of history! Card sets of products already face the world, and one day it will be eliminated by the society gradually, many years after that you may remember there's a silica gel products is card

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