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by:Cupidove     2020-08-24

for manufacturing in said, factory processing efficiency and profit of only product quality, customer recognition and support is the public praise of the brand, so for processing industry upgrading the capacity and quality is of vital importance, in the efficiency and quality of silicone products in the industry product is example, for the present silica gel protective sleeve custom processing also is same, so can improve the efficiency rate and the effect is the most critical, said here is depends on the processing technology and method of the industries.

so in how to improve efficiency in the manufacturing process of silicone products for clients to achieve on time delivery date? Silicone cases in machining process is very easy to bad problems and have to reduce time to improving quality, so for the case to efficient custom processing also has a set of complete plan.

1, can add the appropriate when raw materials mixing release agent packaging products can be quickly demoulding, saves some pickup time

2 fast curing agent is added, the raw materials, make products more liquid, originally need 100 seconds of product, at the same temperature and pressure conditions can reduce about 30% of the time

3, adjust the temperature and pressure of the machine, the temperature of the machine are generally more stable, so you can gradually ascending temperature, the higher the temperature the faster the product fixed-line, can reduce unnecessary time, the premise is to guarantee the quality of the product case

4 place feeding way, replacement, operation of the pendulum method also can affect the product mold release time, such as strip shape can be appropriate to replace the slice raw materials, make its faster spread cavity speed

5, change the number of exhaust vulcanization machine, and the formation, the machine up and down in the process of exhaust when clamping speed slower, if the product is not particularly complicated, can decrease the secondary exhaust, the product can maintain.

6 fluctuate, mold, a few additional discharge tank keep product remaining material discharge, if the product orders more mould cavity number can be rolled as far as possible to ensure the efficiency of processing.

is the most main case is different from other products need to pay attention to appearance, so can guarantee the product quality can be appropriate to ascend, and blind the change could lead to long-term to influence, silicone rubber products processing belongs to the complicated process, not any silica gel method and the process is the same, the silica gel products manufacturers more methods are gradually honed, suggest appropriate try, appropriate changes,

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