Silicone products production what are the steps? What production equipment used

by:Cupidove     2020-08-26

all products of the silicone material is gradually into our life, then you know what are the steps, silica gel products production need to use what kind of equipment? Today with everyone know silica gel products processing, rough process steps and the commonly used machine.

step one, stock

use equipment: rubber mixing machine, cutting machine, electronic scale

rubber mixing machine - — In the silicone raw materials adding curing agent, pigment and other materials, the raw rubber refining into collagen can be used.

rubber cutting machine - — Used to refine good rubber cutting into the required size, make their product has the characteristics of cutting precision, high efficiency.

electronic pop - — Balance of cut rubber weight, guarantee the products within the error range.

step 2, forming

use equipment: sandblasting machine, hydraulic press

sandblasting machine - — Forming dies after production for a period of time, to accumulate some dirt on the surface, absence made production; Then you need to mold cleaning, and sand blasting machine is necessary cleaning mold machine.

hydraulic press - — Also known as the plate vulcanizing machine, this is necessary for the silicone products molding production equipment, molding pressure, temperature, curing time and conditions which equipment is complete.

if you want to produce silicone glue products, silica gel should be added to the vacuum machine, automatic dispensing machine. Also, if the article is a silicone tube/need extruder.

the above introduction of production process and equipment, basic can work out most of the silica gel daily class products, all products series such as the following:

1, daily household series: including small night lamp, make tea, ice, ashtrays, bottle stoppers, meridians, bath brush, silicone brush, silicone key chain, eat mat, etc.

2, beauty makeup series: including wash a face to brush, cleansing, makeup brush to clean pad, nail cushion, cosmetic mirror, silica gel powder puff, etc.

3, maternal and child series: including the silicone spoon, silicone bowl, silica gel plates, silica gel tooth rubber, silicone, silicone nipple consisting of bottles, silicone bib, etc.

4, kitchen series: including the cutting board, clean gloves, insulation pad, non-slip mat, cup mat, waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall, wash the popurality brush, wash dishes, scraper, spatula, silicone fresh cover, cake moulds, cup, boiled eggs, silica gel flavor dishes, etc.

5, outdoor sports series: including the folding water bottle, telescopic kettle, hand ring, sports watches, silicone shoe covers, etc.

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