Silicone products processing children pay attention to the three most important details

by:Cupidove     2020-09-22

for processing enterprises, the production of processing the details in the absence of smooth, must be pointed out and the ability to quickly deal with the problem of points and the hydraulic vulcanization process of silicone children products will be relative to a lot of products are strictly, first is to consider is the most basic questions 'environmental problem, odor, appearance problem' and then considering the adverse phenomenon in the process of production, so the processing infant silicone products must pay attention to the multiple processes to keep production smoothly. Ensure the product is no problem!

the first environmental problem basically has no effect for any silicone products manufacturer, raw materials belong to high transparent, material additives and curing agents are belong to the normal production of food grade products raw materials can! So ordinary silica gel and meteorology act silica gel processing need to normal

when it comes to smell, for silicone children's products without odour problems from the raw materials, so in the process of processing temperature to adjust to a certain height with curing time is too long, normally there will be a little smell, some normal will slowly disappear, and some still need an oven to taste, such as roast normal is more than four hours, no peculiar smell, can start the procedure.

and exterior phenomenon can contain a lot of bad problems, black spots impurities for silicone products in all children above all one of the most headache thing, so the production process control of the black spots impurities method and solution is more important, if solved the leakage of bad so bad inside the machine are better control, so the most troublesome problem or appearance. And silicone children's products in the process of long-term processing, one of the first three details to deal with after I dare say, basic no anxiety.

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