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by:Cupidove     2020-09-05

the cup as you all know, made of glass, plastic, metal, TPU, etc. , silicone cup of life you should also not strange, soft silicone material, so we call it a hockey cup, characteristic is unbreakable, environmental health, for some of the old person or child in our family is very practical, high temperature resistance, there is no question of 100 degrees. But now on the market a lot of friends for a variety of color silicone questions all the time, always feel that bright colors make people insecure, this for silicone understand better friends all know that silicon is transparent color, general silicone rubber products manufacturers can add the thousands of colors to make all sorts of color, without any harm to human body, so you can rest assured purchase.

now the glass material is numerous, in the design of the silicone also not bad, all kinds of new silicone cup, its main function is more than a bright color, and compared with other material of the glass are have the advantage in terms of features is a bit, but for the understanding of the more traditional, glass cups or more popular, because hundreds of years of history changes from top to bottom, and silica gel cup in just a few decades the development course of time. It up more than three hundred degrees high temperature resistance, heat insulation effect is strong, and the glass differs from, and even fell to the ground without any cracks, and glass materials are different, and the color of the silicone cup can make transparent, also can be all sorts of color.

with the emergence of silicone products in our articles for daily use of many traditional things are replaced by silica gel products, such as some of our silicone kitchenware, silicone products, and our recent popular silicone cup, silicone material performance is outstanding, has a good soft performance, and resistance to high and low temperature performance, environmental protection and appropriate hardness range, in the process of production we can choose different hardness of the material to make the products of different hardness, and can do all sorts of color in color, monochrome, two-color, three color, etc. , because everything is superior, so in our manufacturing industry, medical industry, catering tourism industry are used.

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