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by:Cupidove     2020-09-05

according to the latest report, the iphone 5 launch, apple has introduced two new tablets, are respectively miniipad and ipad4. Mini tablet is ipad4 miniature, 7 miniipad screen. 9 inches, iOS6 operating system, a dual core processor, dual cameras, supporting multiple languages. 9 is much bigger than miniipad ipad4, screen. 7 inches, weight more than doubled miniipad; All the other parameters are basically the same. After niniipad and ipad4 release, its cases followed. As apple iphone is mobile phone industry benchmark, it is the elite of tablet. For the convenience of using the device, tablet cases appeared. There are different types of tablet computer cases, according to the material, silicone, TPU, PC, leather, and is made of wood, etc. Recently, pay attention to the companies in the sample of the new mini the holster, and there are a variety of design styles, today to show you the ipad4 holster, and miniipad holster and PC tablet cases.

the device and miniipad holster

miniipad tablet PC set

holster and single tablet computer protection shell have their own advantages. Convenient mainly reflects in the following aspects of holster, convenient to carry and antiskid shockproof scratch proof, easy to clean, clever design, convenient to browse the web and video watching, and so on. The holster for those living it is mainly used for entertainment of users, it is very practical and popular. According to the purpose and use of the user habit, there may be some users prefer simple PC or TPU tablet cases. Some consider clean and drop factors, using combined cases, the idea of it is, first to design a perfect fit with the tablet PC shell, outside the PC shell embedded silica gel set again. After the combination, don't watch carefully, will think they are a whole, but in fact can be separate. When using, tablet cases completely will not affect the tablet functions to implement. Dongguan is a professional silicone products factory, a professional design team, accept to map incoming sample custom make all kinds of silicone products, silicone rubber products. Mobile phone make - and production experience for many years, customers in home and abroad, quality service guaranteed.

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