Silicone products manufacturer stained with besmirch molding process how to prevent the product

by:Cupidove     2020-09-08

products appear bad unstable for a long time, have stuff in the midst of the silicone material? Is now a lot of silicone products manufacturer headache thing, for a large amount of production will be the occasional many small black spots or dirt, the main reason is caused by factory production is more, but on raw materials, the phenomenon of the material is dirty also has a lot of, but with the development of different rubber mixing process in a timely manner of raw materials is dirty, can avoid unnecessary losses, and is expected to dirty failed to timely find out cause molding vulcanized finished bad, the cause of dirty product also has very many.

when the production details can decide whether the products of high quality production around the machine ready, especially for the color of the more prominent, the products are too dirty is certainly not get customer approval, so in the production of clean the machine in advance and the hands of the besmirch, raw material is put after use clean tape cover, to prevent the ash layer, put the raw material of quick to put as far as possible, as far as possible because the silica gel adsorption of exposed to the air force is strong, it is very easy to absorb dust, so now a lot of silicone rubber products factory implementation of clean production workshop, prevent product from dirty phenomenon.

there are many problems on second mold and the mold need to use water for washing mould first after cleaning to ensure no oil in the production, and at the time of the several die before production mold base will appear the phenomenon of dirty in water spraying mold release and the machine, the large amount of material on the injection mold core, the second mold has many rough dirt in the mold not clean and that we can hand the use of alkaline water or acetone to clean up the mold inside, if long-term production of mould is occasionally there will be a dirty products, it can also be mold sand, remove burrs can effectively prevent the product of mold become dirty. But the main reason is caused in the process of production, so the improvement in the environment also can change the quality of the product, do green environmental protection silicone products manufacturer.

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