Silicone products manufacturer industry survival difficulties do you understand

by:Cupidove     2020-08-30

2016 industry competition is intense, the inside of the workplace everyone in income, every company in production progress, every country in promoting the economic development speed, and in all manner of people and things there are a lot of all don't understand twin-engined well-meaning and hard, often in each company will appear different questions, cause customer churn possibility is very large, although at that time, in what phase, others are ignored, so that we both are difficult of what?

in the silicone products industry, can't and some of the mechanical manufacturing industry and electronics industry, now in the midst of silica gel products industry competition is intense, for each of the silica gel products manufacturers won't miss a chance to customer orders, so for the cooperation period appear some problems when the understanding and compassion, really hope that the other party can be more like a product delivery above problems is the most basic, we in the production process of the problems for mold is also one of the most, but our mould supplier for mould design problems arise, and take back to repair, repair several times delay the time limit for a project, our production personnel on how to mould is unqualified, the product is not standard, we could not send bad product to each customer, and for some old customers, on the basis of long-term cooperation, also hope to be able to understand some of our difficulty.

and tell me about the mould supplier, now for our silicone production factory, supply the mold is then several, on the supply side, really hope you can don't let the mold has the repair situation, if it can be a well, who also won't delay the time, so we benefit much good? All say honesty is the most important, and a company can not deliver on promises, how to retain customer's heart? Most let worry some silicone products manufacturer, when customer ZhuiJiao period, and the mold is not able to produce, and this tends to make the silicone products manufacturer to the customer and the mold is focal head rotten ears on both sides, if can't do that, in good faith to live, don't to do it, and who is to give the impression of good faith, hope to be able to understand each other!

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