Silicone products manufacturer how to promote double color silicone bib production efficiency

by:Cupidove     2020-08-30

for silicone products industry, delivery date and time, quality and the quality is the first standard of company, so promote quality in the premise can not be forgotten about efficiency, while product has certain difficulty in conditions after familiar control is better, but for some special epoxy resin mold really affected the production efficiency, silica gel products such as double color product color K is main with a mold production, do well the color after K K into the fixed seat into the color rubber mold, so one color one K wouldn't it be trouble? So this has used!

general manufacturers in the production process for a large quantity of epoxy resin mold development of excellent K K line cutting die referred to as 'color, it is the same as the mould layout in print is from moulding line between K and then placed in the corresponding position in the mold, you push hard on the reduces the time to put in the mold of the above, general mould, put in the raw material to produce a product also is same, only on efficiency raised, so in the case of meet the mold cavity number do double color products as far as possible to develop a set of mould, if color K is separated from product that not only takes up the machine, artificial, in time also has a lot of waste.

for double color even multi-color products, can use laser technology, the coating process. And pad printing process! See individual customization, it's all in the silicone products manufacturer which is specialized in custom double color and three color process is using color K processing, some friends may think double color when the production of silicone rubber mixing engineering materials produced in the direct molding is ok, in fact is not just that simple, for double color silicone products, we can see the color of the distribution and production design, some products in place when producing two kinds of materials can be completed, and some double color products to look at the color distribution, such as double color we produce silicone bib, is to use two sets of mould, if the design is red, the product map is white, must first red pattern forming on the product produced, the product of white raw materials under the mold die, then put the red pattern material printed on the lower die for forming sulfide can, three color even four color overlay

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