Silicone products manufacturer how to ensure the rights and interests of consumers

by:Cupidove     2020-09-07

about a lot of media news blackout, life with a silica gel products suspected material may be safe by the district administration of quality supervision and spot checks and security environmental protection monitoring, recently many silicone products factory in guangdong area, and many industries have been pumping test, many enterprises have been punished, rectification, and for mixing rubber industry was seldom punished by the relevant departments and not up to standard, just for the department of factory safety and sanitation improvement, for the production of the product batch testing can reach the standard of silicone products and food grade standard.

different once upon a time the for in recent years, the information age and the development of our country in the world, natural in the comparison of environmental and safety importance to catch all this together tightly, is just like this year, the state environmental protection policy for the rectification of the contact us life, food, daily, etc. Series of products are strictly, hit the product does not conform to safety standards. And everyone know silica gel belongs to the most close to the security environmental protection material, rubber material nature in terms of production is also more strict! So through in-depth analysis, silicone products in our life, if not environmental protection health, irregular don't can do it?

so in life such as silica gel products harmful to human body or severe malignant environmental pollution phenomenon I think many people have to attach importance to this issue, as a member of the silica gel products industry have to admit that sometimes will appear on the production and processing of environment dirty phenomenon, but for the product quality and safety environmental protection that must be a confident, for environmental health nature also depends on the 6 s management of the silicone products manufacturer, in terms of quality can do delicate, high quality, practical, efficient and several aspects, such as to ensure that the consumer rights and interests of consumers, isn't it? So for consumers and the national policy and related departments, the regulation of silicone rubber products apart from the production in other places also have strict inspection. Information age, in the event of problems inform consumers, and the relevant problem summary, fill the regulatory loopholes in time, make illegal businessmen have no holes to drill.

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