Silicone products manufacturer for you to explain: the silicone spoon is poisonous

by:Cupidove     2020-08-31

small make up according to the silica gel products recently, shantou city, guangdong province, a child when eating by mistake the plastic spoon bite and cause the intestinal cut is currently in hospital, now a lot of parents to children's health and safety, and children's products has become a concern of many parents, one of which is a defensive consciousness is poorer, the second is the cutlery brought safety hazard for infants and young children, for children to prepare a suitable tableware is also a kind of sustenance, the growth of children's tableware market countless above, considering practical, environmental protection, safety is the silicone material can compare? Not only can exercise the child's cooking skills but also for the child to tender teeth grinding.

silica gel in the midst of articles for daily use is known as the 'green environmental protection material' benchmarking in natural silica gel products factory produced products also can't bad, now a lot of parents for their children's first choice silicone tableware products, first of all products are comfortable, soft hard moderate hardness can appropriate palliative child interest and emotional eating, with soft, so don't worry about the child's mouth it will, and will not say will be bit let how the phenomenon so don't worry about it will be swallowed into the belly of phenomenon, the silicone spoon belongs to the green environmental protection product also have to be tested into a green, safe environmental protection, so the food grade silicone raw materials platinum vulcanizing agent production, high transparent raw materials to add a variety of color glue and screen printing radium shoots the process becomes the child like the style, and parents put

heart protection.

for our understanding of the friends of the silicone know silica gel is belong to product of avirulent insipidity, this also is it in the most prominent one advantage of rubber and plastic materials, and some do not understand friend mistook the silicone spoon will appear toxic substances, so the silicone products manufacturer small make up to tell you that silicone products belong to the high and low temperature resistance material, in the case of more than 200 degrees high temperature vulcanization molding, can be after high temperature boiling water disinfection and there will be no toxic substances, products, raw materials belong to the food-grade silicone raw materials of high transparency, colorless, tasteless, and regular food grade silica gel is not appear yellow discoloration phenomenon, and the tensile strength, the strength of springback performance is outstanding, the FDA testing is also on the Europe and the United States food grade as the standard of a kind of material, so for the silicone products, silicone life commodity speculation suspect's friends don't need to worry too much!

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