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by:Cupidove     2020-05-17
Silica gel products factory silicone rubber manufacturing process based on dimethyl dichloride silane as raw material, through hydrolysis low poly ring body, and then under the effect of catalyst ring-opening further condensed to form straight chain polymers, as the basic raw material of dimethyl dichloride silane concentration is only 99. When more than 98%, to form the polymer, if the quality can not meet the requirements, Moore elastic polymer could not show the need. Rubber button said polycondensation reaction is usually carried out under the effect of alkali or acid catalyst, so the product of polymerization is washed or join the neutralizing agent, to remove the catalyst impurities. Such of polymer called organic silicone rubber. Though silicone rubber with high polymerization degree, but the solubility, low elasticity, the mechanical strength is poor, cannot be used directly, have to join the white carbon black, titanium dioxide, such as reinforcing agent, with organic peroxide content such as px oxidation milling as vulcanizing agent, and adding other additives and pigment mixing, molding, vulcanization hot vulcanization processing, became has the use value of silicone rubber. Rubber keys that silicone products rubber is a kind of straight chain of high molecular weight poly (organic siloxane, usually in the molecular weight of 148000 g/mol, above, its structure is similar to silicone oil, the general formula can also be the introduction of other groups, such as ethyl, vinyl, and phenyl and chemical propyl, etc. , to improve and enhance some performance. Replacing part with phenyl methyl, for example, can improve the soft silicone rubber at low temperature resistance and radiation resistance, introducing a small amount of vinyl can improve the vulcanizing properties and compression set of silicone rubber, chemical propyl presence can make the silicone rubber with good oil resistance, cyano like chloride silicone rubber, silicone rubber can nonpolar solvent, in the main chain of the silicone rubber of siloxane, after the introduction of a certain amount of phenylene base can be increased from 11 mpa to 17 - mechanical strength 18 mpa, it also improved heat resistance. Therefore, according to the silicon atoms by different organic groups, may have dimethyl silicone rubber silicone rubber, methyl vinyl silicone rubber, methyl phenyl silicone rubber, silicone rubber chloride, ethyl silicone rubber and phenylene silicone rubber and many other varieties.
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