- silicone product quality problems Serious can achieve what degree

by:Cupidove     2020-09-01

yesterday saw a news, a food company in Mexico because food safety certificate expired, but just a few days ago food have faults, many local residents to buy food after food poisoning systemic allergic inflammation lead to poisoning, hundreds of people and lead to the final result of the local authority fined $1. 85 million and out of business, the company boss and senior management personnel will be criminal detention, so as a company is how important it is for customer's product quality, to also encountered a similar situation in the silicone industry, products exported to Europe and the United States has some products are not qualified, is not up to standard, lead to return, also has a disadvantage in court accused of silica gel products lead to skin irritation and by compensation and so on.

when it comes to the silicone industry, the progress of science and technology, many intelligent product popularity each family, also along with the science and technology of silica gel products start to lead our life has become indispensable in our daily a decorative supplies, such as our common silicone case, under the market matures gradually began to hot style, and is like our silicone accessories, with mature technology, intelligent silicone bracelet, silicone phone watch for children and more products are geared to the needs of people, it is because of the demand of the silicone material, all kinds of required technical advance so no matter for any silicone products show in front of us the appearance of the components have some standards and requirements, and for this kind of product for the silicone industry friends, appearance parts production and processing is really let a person more headaches.

in the life of the silicone case is one of the more commonly used products, whether sales at home and abroad are on part appearance has certain requirements, such as some the size of the migration problem, the burrs of the product, whether the color adjustment to the best, and so on, if not solve those problems and lead to export to the customer's hands, or have been geared to the needs of dealers! The consequences can really make a silicone products manufacturer can't even think about, especially the export products, if due to negligence of the temporary appear problem, who is that bear too! So for some parts of the product appearance, generally we all need to be very careful, for the appearance of the product components, mold line burrs, size differences do confirm carefully.

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